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Chilean millionaire

Part 2 of the November iPhone Photo Project … aka…NaNo-iPho

January 2009

I have made a number of bad decisions in my life, but never any that have resulted in me having so much money in my pocket that I couldn’t count it in public. I was in Vina del Mar, Chile and made a series of exceptionally poor decisions that led me through a bar, to an ATM, to a poker table, and eventually to bed before a long day of work. When I finally got around to counting what I had in my pocket, it took laying all the bills out on my bed so I could see it all at once. It was there in the posh Chilean hotel/casino that I discovered I had 1.2 million in Chilean cash. If you’re wondering why I’m still humping a computer job after that big score, you can find the whole story over at How I became a millionaire. Turns out you can’t get very far with Chilean millions.




Whoa you are a millionaire…lol. I’m sure that’s equivalent to having $1000 US

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